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Congratulations on your decision to take control of your health and step into accountability with me. My name is Essie Cade and I am just like you in many ways. I am a mom, wife, and multifaceted business owner. I have a home and family to care for and countless responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of my business and outreach program, 2theCore, inc. and Tender Touch Ministries. I offer personal training, Pilates classes, infant massage classes, massage therapy,  workshops, and mentor young women in Haiti. Believe it or not,  just because my job is health-related...making time for my own health and wellness can be a challenge!  

With the help of a few passionate friends and colleagues, we decided that the missing link for most people, is ONE thing.....

.....It's not the right brand of shoe.

.....It's not the newest workout equipment.

.....It's not the one-size-fits all eating plan, trend, or diet.

The ONE thing that most plans are missing is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Even as a personal trainer and online fitness coach, I need accountability, too!

My Food and Fitness Accountability Groups will be a small group of folks aiming for higher quality living. Everyone  has a different story. Every 'body' is different. Each participant will be setting and reaching their own goals with the help of a unified group and system of accountability. This is the start of a journey and for some another leg of the journey to wellness. Your journey to greater wellness will have ups and downs but we will count everyday a success. The body I have, although imperfect and flawed, is the only one I have I want to take care of it! How about you?

Remember, we are not broken needing to be fixed. We are not to be defeated by of a slice of cheesecake. Get up, dust yourself off, and wipe your slate clean! We are starting fresh. Are you ready?

This is NOT a quick fix. 

This is NOT a trend or gimmick. 

This is a LIFESTYLE. 

This is where I challenge you to to work towards breaking bad habits.

This is where we will take baby steps and celebrate every small victory together. 




Contact me to find out when the next 28 Day Lifestyle Challenge begins.  There will be a 5 day prep period allotted for ordering programs, pantry prepping, grocery shopping, or getting medical clearance if needed.


Rembember, this is an online accountability group! So, even if you are out of town or across the country, you can participate! 

Most updates and communication take place via a private Facebook Group, email, or by phone. 

 --Each week will run from Tuesday to Monday with check-in on Tuesdays.

--You will be required to text a pic of your weigh in and point tracker and a few other details to your coach in order to be eligible for prizes.

COST (See options below): 

OPTION 1: $99


What are you going to do when you can't afford the gym or don't have time to go? I want you to have the right tools so that you can succeed in your goals AND so your family can even join you in your success. The 21 Day Fix Program, available through your coach, is HIGHLY recommended as a starter program. This program includes workouts with modifications, an eating plan, and portion control containers. Use the free 21 Day Fix App for tracking. 

OPTION 2: $170


Contact me for ordering information.

Shakeology is a dense nutrition drink that offers powerful adaptogens, antioxidants, has a low-glycemic index, and can replace one of your small meals throughout the day. Shakeolgoy is an easy way to get added nutrition with low calories. If you choose to receive Shakeology on auto-ship and want to join another challenge, the Coach fee will be waived. Use the free 21 Day Fix App for tracking. 

OPTION 3: 1 person for $30 or 2 people for $50

Independent eating and workouts. No additional product or program purchase required. 

+CHALLENGE FEE: Each challenge round, each person pays $10 to enter the challenge (sent to your coach). 100% of THIS fee will used for the cash prizes at the end.

+COACH FEE: A participants' first challenge round also requires a $20 administration fee.

+DISCOUNT: Two people can join together for a discounted rate of $50 total or $25 each.

Please inform the coach of your who your joining with. 



-There is a weekly point tracker calendar for each week. PRINT OUT the point trackers for your personal use and slide them into a plastic sheet protector for multiple uses.

These are sent out after payment is received.

-Each week there is a double point challenge (category highlighted in yellow). The points are already added in so you don't have to calculate until the end of the challenge week by adding up all of the points for check in. Please pre-calculate your total point before checking-in.



-Daily contact with teammate/accountability partner/challengers: It’s amazing the strength that comes from encouragement from your teammates! You can text a teammate or check-in with the face book group. It makes you accountable for what you do or don’t do.

-Daily post to FB: We are doing this together! You will earn 3 pts. per day for posting to FB throughout the challenge. You can share a success story, recipe, word of encouragement, Bible verse, etc.


-You can exercise every day, but you will only receive points for exercising 5 days a week.

-You must exercise for 30 minutes to get the points and do receive 4 extra points for exercising for 45 min. with a maximum of 14 points per day.

-You can exercise 10 min. here and 10 min. there and 10 min. again later. However, be sure to record and keep track of your time and type of activity. It is a little harder to get your heart rate up and track progress with broken sessions but can still be a great way to get started!

-You may use any other method of weight loss as long as it is sustainable and healthy. No pills or shortcuts.


Calculate your water intake by dividing your body weight in half. That is the number of ounces to aim for each day to get your points with a minimum of 64oz. If your calculations are less than 64 oz., please round up.


You need to keep your calories within 25 calories of your target calorie count.  Use the FREE 21 Day Fix or the Calorie King to calculate your target calorie amount. It will be based upon gender, age, and current weight. *Notify your Coach of your calorie goal. This needs to be a specific calorie count, not a range. You must choose a number within your range.

You may choose to use up to 350 calories from your exercise calories. Please be careful not to go too low on calories. It is very important to get all your calories in and get the right portions of high quality foods.


There is a sample food journal that you can use, or you can use your own food journal (paper or online via My Fitness Pal or Lose it! or similar) to track what you eat. IF using the 21 Day Fix as your fitness and eating plan, download the FREE 21 Day Fix App for your phone.



Print your trackers and record your daily points. Take a PHOTO FOR CHECK-INS.


A photo of your first weigh-in will be required (sent to your coach via PM or text—no one else will see your numbers). Weigh yourself each Tuesday morning and tally up all points. Make sure that you weigh yourself under the same circumstances each week (first thing in the morning, unclothed, and before eating preferred). TAKE A PHOTO FOR CHECK-INS.


Measurements are required to be sent in for the first and final check in. Non-scale victories are an important part of the journey.


A before and after picture is required but does not have to be shared or sent to your coach. Changes in measurements and photos will often keep you motivated even if the scale isn't moving much. Changes in body composition don't always show on the scale!

*PERSONAL GOALS (NOT food or fitness related)

Please take the time to choose ONE personal goal for each week. Be specific and detailed.    This goal can be anything that you want to work on to improve or enhance your parenting, marriage, faith, community, attitude, habits, etc. For example, "I want to get 8 hours of sleep 5 nights this week."


You will send a weekly Private Message/Text/Email to your coach with your total weekly points and total weight loss points for the week with your photos, points, and goals. She will keep track of everyone’s points and then will post weekly in the face book group with everyone’s standings. All points are to be sent by 10:00pm on Tuesday. If you don't send stats by that time, you will  lose 25 points and will not be posted that week on Stats.  It is really important to get these stats out in a timely fashion so that everyone can know where they stand.  It can be discouraging to have to wait.

Each week you will send your stats in the following format to make it easy:

1) Current weight (with photo):

2) Points from week (with photo of tracker):

3)*Bonus points: 

4) Total points for week:

5) Non-scale victory:

6) New goal:

7) One person that encouraged you this week:

8) One person that YOU encouraged:


Cash prize money will be divided equally between the winner(s) of each category (weight loss goal and points). BOTH PRIZES CANNOT BE WON BY THE SAME PERSON. If one person wins both categories, they will receive the Weight Loss prize, and is then ineligible for the points prize. The points prize will be awarded to the 2nd place holder in the points category. In the case of a tie in either category, that prize will be split or divided at the coach's discretion.


*Bonus points: Each week, there is a max number of points you may earn (it varies). If you earn every one of those points, you report those points, PLUS a 25 point bonus.

There are NO exceptions. Points are earned on the honor system. You may break up your exercise into several periods if you choose, but if you only exercise for 29 minutes total, you do not earn points for that day.


Go to www.2thecoreinc.com to pay online.

Make checks payable to 2theCoreinc and send to 311 E. Main St. Central, SC 29657



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