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"I am an 81 year old retired professor. Two years ago, I had a heart attack and was very week for six months. In January 2013, I began personal training with Essie Cade. We work out three times a week. The change has been dramatic. I no longer fall from sudden blood pressure when I stand. I also have regained the strength in my arms and legs. Essie is fun to work with. My time with her is the high time of my week."  Dr. R. S., retired Clemson professor

I went to see Essie for  craniosacral therapy because my blood pressure was up for several days because of the stress in my life.  After a massage and craniosacral session with Essie, my blood pressure dropped several points and my body felt more relaxed and able to deal with the world around me.”  --Nancy  1/12/18 

"Today I am thankful for Essie Cade and that she had an appointment open yesterday!  Yesterday, I woke up in agony.  My head and my neck were killing me. But today after 30 minutes with Essie, I am almost as good as new!  #bestmassagetherapistever!"  J.T., Homeschooling Mom of 5 (almost 6)

As an old guy who really does not like exercise [cycling, tennis, hiking, etc - outside - don’t count…that’s fun] you made my time lying on a gym floor quite enjoyable.  I appreciate you holding the line on what you wanted to stretch or work for the muscle group you intended - while giving your advice about what we could modify so we don’t hurt ourselves - quite valuable.  I also liked help breathing, stretching and - resting at the right time to get the best effect with our form.  I will continue this independence. --Gary 3/1/18

Thank you for your heart for families and the parent/child relationship. I believe any pastor, church leader, children’s ministry leader, etc. would be thrilled to have a practical tool like Tender Touch Training to place in the hands of new parents that could radically affect their relationship with their child for years. ~ Rick Fisher, Vice-President, Blackaby Ministries International


"On June 30, 2003 I took my first Pilates class. I started going 2 days a week every week. On September 2003 I went to the doctor for my yearly physical. When the nurse took my height she said I was 5'3-3/4". I told her I had always been 5-4-1/4" since 8th grade. She took it again and made sure I was standing straight against the wall. Again she said 5'-3-3/4". I kept going to Pilates 2 to 3 times a week. In January 2006 I went for a physical and when the nurse checked my height it was 5'4-1/2". I couldn't believe it and told her about the last time. Once again she made me stand straight against the wall and she rechecked and it was 5'4-1/2!"--L.Ray, Lexington, KY

"I slept 7 hours last night only waking up once for 30 minutes.  I actually have energy this morning!  God bless you today, Essie!" S.S., nurse with fibromyalgia


"I have suffered with chronic back pain for several years due to degenerative disk disease and bulging disks. Essie listens to me and through massage therapy has enabled me to discontinue taking one of my medications and I've been able to reduce the amount of pain medication I take. My quality of life is changing for the better thanks to Essie's determination to finding trigger points and providing the appropriate massage therapy. If you have tried massage therapy without positive results, you need to meet with Essie." --H.M.,  retired secretary 


"I thought massage was just meant to feel good and if it had any real effect it would take a while to feel better. I was wrong on both accounts. 2thecore helped aches and pains I've had for years and I felt it as soon as I got off the table. Thanks Essie!"--B.S.,  locksmith


"Had the best nights sleep after my massage."--K.S., 3rd grade teacher 


"Pilates has changed many things in my life.  You have taught me about my core, maintaining posture, and how those two strengths affect everything else.  Since I have always been a runner and a light lifter, you think more and longer is better.  Not true.  It's called balance.  In those few private sessions we had together, you showed me all these aspects and how one thing was dependent on another.  Strength and good health revolve around the core not the endurance of my heart and my legs.  Now of course, the heart is critical for it all, but correct breathing, shoulder position, and alignment are just as critical.  One feeds off the other, etc.  Bet you didn't know in our time together and in class I was getting all that.  I can tell when I run that I can carry my body in a more correct form.  That means I am stronger.  I am sure no faster, but maybe I am more efficient.  I just love the variation pilates brings to the weekly routine.  A calm sense of accomplishment that I have not found with any other exercise.  Any since you know me, calm is good for me."    M.C., retired school administrator

The infant massage class gave me tools I still use with my two- and four-year-old.  After a long day away from the home, one of the things I look forward to is winding down with my little ones. After bedtime stories, I find that alternating between a gently stimulating scalp caress and a soothing back- or arm-massage keeps them both in bed and on track towards sweet dreams. -Phil Turner, Dad of 6

"Massage has soothed my frayed nerves and brought a deep sense of relaxation to my whole body.  I feel a wonderful sense of "well being" after a massage!!"--C.S., missionary

You have been an amazing instructor for me, and I'm sure everyone else who is in your classes and caring hands. Besides your efforts to improve our bodies you are an example of someone who seeks out and follows through with enriching the lives of those who are in need of some type of encouragement or instruction. Your generosity of your time in Haiti and thank you collections for food and hats gloves etc for the men and women who save lives and keep our community safe is just an example of Christian service and love to many. Your witness is a blessing and will hopefully lead unbelievers to a relationship and questions concerning our Savior. You also have the gift of spreading laughter and fun as you teach. You are gifted and use the caring personality God has given you to bring  joy to our classes. May God direct you and your family and keep you in His care always. Guess we know that's one of His promises. --K. Scott, 3/2018

Although I was unable to participate in your Friday class on an on-going basis,  the ones I was able to attend were excellent!  I loved the variety, and the excellent instructions you gave during classes.  Your enthusiasm and kind, gentle ways helped encourage me to do the best I could.  You are highly respected and loved from others in the class. --Karin